"The Big A"

Anaheim Stadium Scoreboard

Greeting motorists on the 57 Freeway for over 40 years, the “Big A” is as iconic to the architectural landscape of Orange County as any other structure. Originally the scoreboard for Anaheim Stadium, the gigantic letter A with a halo on top was at one time the tallest building in the county. Now, the glorified marquee board is one of the few remaining vestiges of the baseball stadium’s modernist past. Architect Nobel Herzberg’s original stadium designs (both in Anaheim, and across the United States) have been heavily altered throughout the years. At the very least, Mr. Herzberg can take solace in the fact that the “Big A” is as unique and iconic as ever. (2021)

Architect: Nobel Herzberg

Built: 1966

Style: Programmatic, Modernist

Type: Commercial

Address: 2000 E Gene Autrey Way


City: Anaheim


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