Food and Drug Administration Building

Appearing simultaneously part Quonset hut, high-tech office, and bird cage, this building is officially the Pacific Southwest Food and Feed Laboratory for the FDA. The disjointed nature of the façade is undoubtedly part of its charm; it certainly does not lack in intrigue. However, the pièce de résistance is the sweeping curved glass wall that overlooks a natural open space. Which leaves only one questions, which is better: the view of the San Diego Creek below, or the gleam of the morning sun reflecting off the multistory glass wall? (2018)

Architect: ZGF Architects

Built: 2003

Style: High-Tech

Type: Civic

Address: 19701 Fairchild

City: Irvine


Tradeline, Inc. (2003, November 25). FDA at Irvine. Tradeline, Inc.