Sutter's Mill

The interiors of these townhomes are typical contemporary designs found throughout new constructions across the county. However, this contemporary complex is noteworthy because of its exterior treatment. Multiple articulations, balconies, rooflines and roof pitches, and colors make one block of buildings appear like a small town. Furthermore, the simple sidings, and more rustic touches harken to a wild-west boomtown, hence the gold rush inspired name. It is enough to make you forget you are in Orange County, not El Dorado County. (2017)

Architect: Bassenian Lagoni

Built: 2004

Style: Post-Modern

Type: Residential

Address: Varies (Narrow Canyon & O'Neil Drive)

City: Unincorporated (Ladera Ranch)


Bassenian Lagoni. (2016). Sutter's Mill. Bassenian Lagoni Architecture, Planning, Interiors.