Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School

Perhaps more vaunted for its maximization of space than the design itself, this middle school is noteworthy nonetheless. Built into a narrow strip of land that is essentially behind a strip mall, this school was built vertically, instead of the typically sprawling campus found elsewhere in Orange County. The result is a sleek post-modern building that could have easily been boxy and dull, but is instead rather light. In fact, the building itself seems to float above the ground, anchored only by the exterior stairs and walkways that lead to the upper floors. (2017)

Architect: Christopher Francis + Gladstone Anderson, LPA

Built: 2000

Style: High-Tech

Type: Civic

Address: 2000 N Bristol

City: Santa Ana


Thurman, D. (2018, February 18). Striking a Balance: Desgining Schools for Urban Settings. AIA California.