Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center


Current masterplans call for a redevelopment and reorganization of the surrounding properties to maximize the train station as a multimodal transportation center. Regardless of what the plans call for, the centerpiece will still be the historic Mediterranean style train station. Hard to miss with its multistory, octagonal tower calling attention to the entrance, the entire structure is an exploration waiting to happen. Tile roof walkways that are flanked by columns adorned with tiles just outward toward bus bays and train platforms. Upper floor arched windows run down the length of the building. Colorful tile, and flaring staircases can be found throughout. Much like the historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, this train station was built with one intent in mind: to affirm in the minds of those transplants arriving by train, that yes, this palm-tree strewn land is indeed heaven on Earth. (2018)

Architect: The Blurock Group

Built: 1985

Style: Spanish Revival

Type: Civic

Address: 1000 E Santa Ana Blvd

City: Santa Ana


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